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These individually artisan made lights... stand head and shoulders above other mass-produced lookalikes. And since they are virtually the same price, why not go first class? Click here to see one of the artisans hard at work. 
By the way, check out the great vintage cloth covered wiring on the closeups!! 
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The Harmon double sconce
    harmon closeup
The Quinault 2 light chandelier
    quinault closeup
The Vista chandelier
    vista closeup
The Carlton single sconce
    carlton closeup
    carlton extreme closeup
The Rosewood single sconce
    rosewood closeup
The Danwood ceiling pendant
    danwood closeup
    danwood extreme closeup
The Westview wall sconce
    westview closeup
The Davenport double tier chandelier

    davenport closeup 1
    davenport closeup 2
    davenport closeup 3

choose from straight, curved, or flared shades
your choice of old gold (shown on the Danwood, or vintage brown shown on all others)
pewter finish available: no extra charge
polished nickel or chrome available: add 40%
s&h: 6%, but at least $9.95 except as noted
60 watts per socket
Click here for description of some finishes

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