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Quality...and affordable!
What a great light collection! The base metal is solid brass...just like the most expensive lights. Yet, they are easy on the pocketbook. Note: made in the USA!
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Akikaze wall mount
Fernwood wall mount
Pine Grove wall mount
  syringa closeups
wall mount
Highland wall mount
Chidori wall mount
Setsugekka wall mount
Glennaire wall mount
Altamont ceiling mount
Yamaoroshi ceiling mount
Kazaoto wall mount
Shakuhachi chain mount, ceiling
  Kabuki corner
  Kabuki canopy
  Kabuki inside
chain mount, ceiling
  Nagauta closeup
  Nagauta inside
  Nagauta top view
chain mount, ceiling
Christine chain mount, ceiling
Jishi chain mount, ceiling
Cirrus wall mount
  Mizuoto view 2
  Mizuoto inside
ceiling mount
Zangetsu wall mount
Sarashi wall mount
Timberline post mount

view the high quality sockets used

view finish options
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