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The holy grail for mail!
Life can be so sweet with one of these copper dandies to receive your Craftsman Homes Connection catalog!  Ring us at 509-535-5098!
for wall use (tall locking):
Dragonfly and wheat
    dragonfly and wheat closeup
Spring gingko
    spring gingko alternate view
    gingko closeup
Pacific motif

Pine branch with initial

    pine branch with initial closeup

Pine branch with dragonfly

    pine branch with dragonfly closeup

Pacific style with initial

    pacific with initial closeup
lid raised with key

interior view
back view

for wall use (short locking):
Dancing dragonfly
    dancing dragonfly closeup 1
    dragonfly with lid open
Gingko leaves
    gingko leaves closeup
Triple pinecone
    triple pinecone closeup

for streetside:
Peaceful Pines rural mailbox
    Peaceful Pines closeup
    Peaceful Pines underside
Dragonfly and wheat for streetside
    dragonfly closeup
Dragonfly and pine for streetside
    dragonfly closeup
Four trees
    four trees closeup
Waving gingko
    waving gingko closeup

video: attaching a wall mount mailbox

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