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A perfect complement...
- to you old bungalow! These rugs are  inspired by Navajo weaving traditions and reproduced to have the literal feel, texture, weave and look of the original Navajo hand-woven rugs!! New Zealand wool and color fast Swiss dyes, these rugs are sure to become treasures of the Sierra Madre!! Complete your bungalow ranch look now and give us a call at 509-535-5098!
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Old Trader Rug
    Old Trader - close
Flat Head Rug
    Flat Head - close
    Flat Head - close 2
    Flat Head - close 3
Boulder Rug
    Boulder Rug - close
    Boulder Rug - close 2
    Boulder Rug - close 3
Rio Grand Rug
    Rio Grand - close
    Rio Grand - close 2
    Rio Grand - close 3
Cochise Rug
    Cochise Rug - close
    Cochise Rug - close 2
Old Yellowstone Rug
    Old Yellowstone - close
    Old Yellowstone - close 2
Taso Rug
    Taso - close
Stone's Throw Rug
    Stone's Throw - close
    Stone's Throw - close 2
Round up Rug
    Round up - close
Round up Runner
     Runner - close
Big Horn Rug
    Big Horn - close
Painted Rocks Rug
    Painted Rocks - close
    Painted Rocks - close 2
Dry River Rug
    Dry River - close
Big Valley Rug
    Big Valley - close
    Big Valley - close 2
Rocky Hill Rug
    Rocky Hill - close
    Rocky Hill - close 2
Broad water rug
    Broad water - close
Winchester Rug

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