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Color your world, along with your walls!!
 Be a shady lady, or man for that matter, when you let your artistic side show through with 
our charming variety of beautiful Craftsman style stencils.

Craftsman stencils in the Nature's Elements Collection

Craftsman stencils in the Bungalow Borders Collection

Craftsman Stencils

Craftsman stencils are a sure fire way to increase the ambiance of your home with spending much money. We have a wide variety of Craftsman stencils that are sure to please. One of the nicest things about using Craftsman stencils when it comes to decorating your home, is the way that you can use colors of paint to accentuate your existing decor. A subtle shade or tone can be brought out in most anything in the room. For instance, if you have a landscape picture on your wall that has a lovely grove of popular trees in the foreground, you may want to choose an agreeable shade of sage green to really make the trees in the picture tie in with the colors that you have used in your stenciling project. It can really be quite stunning to match a maroon sofa in your living area with a complementing color on your wall. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using Craftsman stencils. One familiar theme in the Craftsman home decor in that of nature. Dragonflies,  pine boughs, gingko, roses, fireflies and all nature matter  in between, is a reason to celebrate your walls. But when it comes to stenciling, don't just think of your walls. Stenciling can also be done on a variety of different elements in your home. A simple set of curtains with stenciling of roses or perhaps gingko near the bottom can really add a lot of pizzazz to a room. Or imagine using a craftsman stencil on a plain pillow with fabric paint. It can really look stunning.

 Craftsman stencils come in a wide variety of sizes, so if you want something with a broad line be sure and check out our entire selection. The Poppy Frieze, in the Bungalow Borders Collection for example, which measures nine inches by about fourteen and half inches. Also, of course, if you want something in a narrower height look closely too. The Bay Leaf Border, in the same collection as above, measures about one and a half inches by fifteen and a half inches. So as you can see, we are all over the place on sizes. Some of the stencils come with more than one overlay, enabling one to do different shades with effecting previous work.