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Handmade in...
the USA by an artisan who is very detail oriented. Go count up your switchplates then call us at 509-535-5098!
Bungalow Rose single toggle
    rose single toggle closeup
Bungalow rose double toggle
    rose double toggle closeup
Bungalow rose single duplex outlet
    Bungalow rose single duplex closeup

Tree single toggle
    tree single toggle closeup
Tree double toggle
    tree double toggle closeup
Tree single duplex outlet

    Tree single duplex closeup
Tree single decora

Tree single pushbutton

Tree double pushbutton

Tree triple pushbutton

Art Nouveau single toggle
    art nouveau single closeup
Art Nouveau double toggle
    art nouveau double closeup
Art Nouveau single duplex outlet

    Art Nouveau single duplex closeup
Art Nouveau single pushbutton

Art Nouveau double pushbutton

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s&h: 6%, but at least $6.95

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