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Give a little thistle!
Tulips are a sure sign that spring is just around the corner! Add a little sunshine to your day with tiles from this beautiful collection. 
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Graceful Tulip Collection
Unique and attractive, these tiles have a   stained glass look effect!  

Willowy tile
    willowy tile closeup
    willowy tile side
Prized periwinkle tile
    prized periwinkle close
    prized periwinkle side view
Prized pink tulip
    Prized pink tulip close
    Prized pink tulip side
Prized amethyst tulip
    Prized amethyst tulip close
    Prized amethyst tulip side
Prized tulip trio view
    Prized tulip trio close

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S&H $10%, but at least $6.95, except as noted

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